Choosing a Place to Live

Thank you for visiting our new website! One thing we wanted to offer here is tons of local information about Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, and the surrounding towns and counties. After all, real estate is all about location, and we have the privilege of being experts on our little part of the world here in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina.

One thing to know about Fayetteville is that it is a thriving medium-sized city that has expanded rapidly in recent decades. Some of us who went to high school here are often surprised by all the new shopping centers and businesses popping up, and older folks remember the days when the site of the Cross Creek Mall was just a bean field! The downtown area has been revitalized, and has several great independently-owned restaurants, a yoga studio, a book store, cute gift shops, and a couple of good cafes.

Locals will tell you that there are lots of great areas in Fayetteville to choose from. Haymont is historic and beautiful, with a real community feel. The Dogwood Trail winds through this stately neighborhood, which is a favorite of joggers and walkers. Some other well-loved neighborhoods include Van Story Hills, Jack Britt, Water’s Edge and Westover.

When deciding where you and your family should buy a home, here are a few questions to consider: What are your priorities in terms of the type of home and nearby amenities? What school district is it in? How close do you need to be to highways or public transit options? It’s important to consider these questions carefully. We suggest reading more about these issues in an article on that discusses how to choose the right neighborhood. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s important to visit a prospective neighborhood at various times of day and on both weekdays and weekends to get a feel for what it would be like to live there. Look at how the homes are maintained to see if they meet your standards. Try to talk to residents about what the community is like and test out your commute at the time of day you typically go to work.

Want more details? You can read more or read a Q&A on this topic.